Transform Your Life Using the EmC Strategy


We all face challenges in our relationships - in the workplace, with our families, and in our personal lives. Tempers flare, feelings get hurt, and people stop communicating. Sometimes we feel emotionally disconnected from the very people who matter the most to us.

We understand how painful this can be and want to show you a new approach. The Emotional Connection (EmC) strategy can help you understand the negative cycles that are impacting your relationships and will give you a roadmap back to emotional connection.

In this short 3-part video series, Dr. Lola Gershfeld sat down with Stephanie Courtillier, the founder of Integrous Women, to share how the EmC can help you transform your relationships in all areas of life: personal, family, and professional.

Part 1: Transform Your Relationships



Part 2: Transform Your Organization



Part 3: Transform Your Personal Life