About EmC Leaders
Celebrating 12 years of creating positive workplace cultures


We are EmC Leaders

At EmC Leaders, we partner with management to create the right environment where people grow, develop, and connect, where they can feel safe and productive. An environment where they can bring their whole self to work.

Over a decade, EmC Leaders has helped transform leadership with the Emotional Connection strategy (EmC), delivered hundreds of training programs and services, and revolutionized the field of culture transformation. Our interprofessional team has partnered with organizations of all sizes on everything from coaching to team sessions to organizational multi-day workshops, leadership retreats, online courses, and certification programs.

EmC Leaders is a boutique consulting firm that utilizes a concrete approach to attachment science to enhance workplace connections, dramatically reduce conflicts, and build emotional intelligence. 

“EmC Leaders paves the way for you and your organization to create a culture where people thrive.”
Dr. Betty Uribe
Executive Vice President
California Bank & Trust
We want people to feel happy, engaged, and connected at work.
To unleash the human potential through the pleasure of growing and discovery, to build resilient teams through strong working relationships, and to nurture thriving cultures through durable emotional bonds.
To provide high-quality EmC programs and sessions in order to educate leaders, managers, teams, boards, HR professionals, OD Trainers, coaches, and organizational consultants on the power of emotional connection.
We seek to be change-makers, illuminating the essential role of emotions, and creating connected and flourishing communities.
We value the human potential to elevate the human experience.
We value research and practice as partners in informing our thoughts and actions
We value and respect the emotional state of every person
We value the independence of each person we work with and their individual journey
We value what we teach and do what we say
we are committed to:

Make EmC available at all levels of the organization: easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to implement

Respond to your needs and collaborating with you, creating safety, and connection
Involve you in the process so you feel confident and comfortable
Empower you to build strong relationships and team engagement so you can reach their goals and objectives
Together, we are making the world a better place.

We partner with organizations to cultivate positive work cultures

EmC Leaders provides educational programs, consultation services, and online courses to executives, leaders, and organizations. Our professional trainers and consultants help you leverage the power of emotional connection across organizations, resulting in everyday innovation, performance, and culture improvement. We help you transform environments where individuals are empowered to create, collaborate, and thrive.

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