EmC Leaders empowers leaders, teams, and boards to resolve conflict through the Emotional Connection process (EmC).

We can help you to:

  • Resolve workplace conflict and increase productivity
  • Create a psychologically safe environment that increases team effectiveness
  • Address issues related to anger, stonewalling, passive-aggressive behavior, and lack of trust
  • Repair relationships and increase emotional connection

The EmC process is deeply rooted in attachment theory and neuroscience and is the only scientifically proven method of conflict resolution. It was developed by Dr. Lola Gershfeld, an expert in the field of the board and team dynamics, and author of Trustmakers and Be Cards.

EmC is the only Scientifically Proven Method of Conflict Resolution

Based on the new science of attachment and adult bonding, the EmC process repairs relationships and creates a positive culture and sustainable growth.

EmC focuses on expanding the emotions and the emotional signals that team members send to each other in their interactions with each other. Through the EmC process, leaders, teams, and boards can experience higher engagement, improved collaboration, and higher performance.

The new science of emotional connection demonstrates that when people are securely connected, they work better together, they trust each other more, and they impact the company culture in ways that create sustainable growth and continuous development.

Vision: To strengthen work-relationship bonds. 

Mission: To empower leaders, managers, teams, boards, HR professionals, OD Trainers, and consultants with the EmC process to resolve conflict so that people can work productively together. 

EmC Leaders is committed to delivering training programs of high value and satisfying experiences to:

  • Make EmC available to all levels:  easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to implement.
  • Respond to your needs and use our expertise to collaborate with you, creating safety, and connection.  
  • Involve you in the process so that you feel confident and comfortable: creating stronger relationships and engagement to reach your goals and objectives.