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  • Emotional Connection (EmC) Workshops
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  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Transform Team Culture
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Strengthen Performance

Is Your Organization Experiencing:

  • Disengaged Teams
  • Unresolved Conflict
  • Stress from Uncertainty
  • Vulnerability in Leadership
  • Misalignment of Values
  • Disconnected Relationships

We Understand the Impact Of These Challenges and Can Help You To Resolve Them

Human Beings Are Wired For Connection

Secure connections allow team members to collaborate, cooperate, and resolve challenges together.

Emotional Connection Strengthens Bonds

Addressing the underlying emotions allows team members to reengage positively with each other.

Emotional Balance Promotes Growth

Positive relationships enhance and nurture individual development, trust, and performance.

Using the Emotional Connection (EmC), we helped teams to build resilience, resolve workplace conflicts, and strengthen performance so they can thrive.

EmC is based on the attachment theory and the science of emotions. Through the process of discovering and regulating emotions, recognizing fears, and addressing attachment needs, leaders become more agile, able to handle challenges with confidence. Let us show you how.



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How It Works

What is Emotional Connection?

Emotional Connection (EmC) is based on the highly insightful and well-documented science of attachment theory. John Bowlby, the psychologist credited with this theory notes that having a positive sense of connection with others is essential to helping humans feel safe and sound.

The EmC process provides a clear roadmap to secure human connections that shift relationships and provide a systematic approach to addressing emotions, fears, and needs present for all people, and especially heightened during moments of stress, uncertainty, and volatility.

Emotion is the music in the dance of human interactions. It is essential for our survival and response to the environment. Emotion is fast and deep. Knowing how to regulate emotions within ourselves and in working with others, we can minimize the damage from negative emotions and take full advantage of emotion as the most powerful agent of change.

It’s time to pivot. EmC can help you become more connected and agile to handle challenges with confidence.

You may have tried other methods in the past, but chances are, they did not have a lasting impact. EmC is different from traditional emotional intelligence training, communication procedures, or conflict resolution strategies. With EmC, your team will collaborate and communicate more effectively, boosting creativity and commitment because they will feel empowered in knowing how to be emotionally accessible, responsive, and engaged. EmC is the how-to be emotionally intelligent.

EmC was developed by Dr. Lola Gershfeld, an expert in the field of building thriving teams. Using the EmC process, she has helped hundreds of people in for-profit and nonprofit organizations to develop more positive team cultures and support sustainable growth.

Virtual EmC training programs are available through online programs, onsite training, and retreats. Facilitated EmC sessions are customized to address conflicts, individual and team resilience. Each training program provides you a set of skills, tools, and a clear roadmap to reconnect, reengage, and repair relationships so that you and your team can thrive.

The Emotional Connection training will empower you to:

  • Invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • Boost engagement and wellness
  • Build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity
  • Nurture leadership throughout the organization
  • Foster strong relationships to create a thriving culture

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EmC Can Help Your Team Become Productive Again

Dr. Lola Gershfeld, CEO of EmC Leaders, Developer of the EmC Process

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