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Human-centered approach and research-based tools to foster a thriving culture

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Build a Positive Team Culture

A strong emotional connection within organizational teams improves communication, collaboration, and production. Yet many organizations struggle to achieve it. The results are disengaged teams and unresolved conflict.

The solution is to provide leaders with the right tools to transform their teams. EmC Leaders provides consulting and research-based tools for leaders and their teams to foster a positive and thriving team culture.

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The EmC Strategy

With over 800 cases of EmC intervention, we helped teams:

  • invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • boost engagement and wellness
  • build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity
  • nurture leadership throughout the organization
  • foster strong relationships to create a thriving culture
About EmC Strategy

Having diverse teams, from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds, we aim to create better leaders, Emotional Connection provided us with a roadmap to opening the door to honesty, vulnerability, and deeper human connections.

Alejandro Tocigl

Co-Founder and CEO at Miroculus

Case study

Building Strong Relationships Transforms Biotech Company Culture


Biotech and science

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Conflict Management

We transform organizations with a deeper sense of connection so your people and your entire organization can thrive.

Solve Conflicts
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Leadership Development

Our scientifically proven methodology improves effectiveness, accountability, and communication, We help you develop a leadership style that is caring, connecting, and focused on bringing the best out of each individual.

Develop Leadership

Case study

Emotional Connection for Improving Productivity Transform Team Dynamics

California Bank & Trust

Finance and Banking

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By getting emotionally connected the way we did, we knew that we had each other's backs; we didn't have to second guess each other. We understood where everybody was coming from, and because all of the noise was taken away, we were able to focus on the task at hand and getting the work done.

Dr. Betty Uribe

Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust

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Board Dynamics

By improving relationships within the team, your organization will experience better outcomes than before.

Engage Your Board

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Emotional Intelligence

Make a positive and lasting impact on your organization. We can help you increase your employee satisfaction, cultivating a more positive approach to work relationships, and help your teams to thrive.

Improve Team Dynamics
Board having training session about Emotional Intelligence
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Transformed Our Leadership Team

The EmC Leaders program transformed our leadership team and brought honesty and transparency into every conversation. We were able to build trust and become the high-performing team that we all wanted to be.

Wayne Ward, Executive Vice President

California Bank and Trust

Build Trust and Lead Change

I now have the skills and confidence to reconnect when a conflict arises, build trust to lead change, and coach others to do the same. This is a life-changing experience that will impact all areas of my life.

Katherine Cianci

Talent Manager at Blue Shield of CA

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