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Human-centered approach and research-based tools to foster a thriving culture
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Build a Thriving Culture

A strong emotional connection within organizational teams improves communication, collaboration, and production. Yet many organizations struggle to achieve it. The results are disengaged teams and unresolved conflict.

The solution is to provide leaders with the right tools to transform their teams. EmC Leaders provides consulting and research-based tools for leaders and their teams to foster a thriving culture.

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The EmC Strategy

With over 700 cases of EmC intervention, we helped teams:
  • invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • boost engagement and wellness
  • build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity
  • nurture leadership throughout the organization
  • foster strong relationships to create a thriving culture
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Solution Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation

We transform organizations with a deeper sense of connection so your people and your entire organization can thrive.

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Leadership Development

Our scientifically proven methodology improves effectiveness, accountability, and communication, We help you develop a leadership style that is caring, connecting, and focused on bringing the best out of each individual.

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Team Engagement

By improving relationships within the team, your organization will experience better outcomes than before.

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Solution Re-Igniting the Emotional Spirit

Thriving Culture

Make a positive and lasting impact on your organization. We can help you increase your employee satisfaction, cultivating a more positive approach to work relationships, and help your organization reimagine the possibilities.

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Strengthen Performance

research Commitment

Research and Academic Involvement

We are committed to actively studying the impact of the EmC strategy in developing and sustaining key behavioral changes. Our team of scientists and professionals has engaged in several beta studies and are currently seeking an IRB approval for a larger study. Beta test results suggests significant positive results in emotionality and self-awareness. 

The EmC strategy has been successfully incorporated into several graduate courses and continues to receive high student engagement with strong enthusiasm and value.

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Accelerate growth and success

We educate leaders, managers, teams, boards, HR professionals, OD Trainers, coaches, and organizational consultants on the power of emotional connection.
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5 Ways to Boost Your 
Emotional Intelligence

Discover the Secret Ingredient of Successful Leadership.

Emotional intelligence is now widely recognized as a vital leadership skill.

Successful leaders know that emotional intelligence is the key to building a productive, collaborative, and creative team. This free guide teaches you concrete steps to develop emotional intelligence within your team, resolving conflicts and re-engaging team members.

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what people are saying

Impact of Emotional Connection

“The ROI on this Training is Exponential”

“The ROI on this training is exponential! All of the people we interact with – bosses, peers, direct reports, clients, and family members – experience EmC benefits from the individual who engages in this process.”

Irakli (Rocky) Bandzeladze


“Building a Solid and Trustworthy Organization”

“An introspective journey towards building a solid and trustworthy organization. Specific results we see are better teamwork, being able to increase revenue collectively, allowing others to take the lead, and being able to learn from others as well in their abilities and skills, and how we can communicate more effectively. EmC allowed us to understand how to create organizational behavior at its best.”

Alejandro Tocigl

CEO, at Miroculus

“We Have Become More Collaborative and Connected”

“As a leader, EmC helmed me to bring a framework in order to create a great understanding between our team members about each other's strengths, beliefs, and perspectives. As a result, we have become even more effective, collaborative, and connected.”

Dawn Reese

CEO at The Wooden Floor

Increase Team Productivity

Celebrating 12 Years of Helping Organizations Build Positive Team Culture