EmC Leaders Thoughts


Types of Negative Interactions and How to Shift Workplace Conflicts

Are you experiencing negative interactions in your work relationships? Do you know that this pattern of workplace conflict can be […]

Isolation During Workplace Conflict is Traumatizing

As humans, we are wired for connection. During periods of conflict in the workplace, we may feel isolated and disconnected. […]


Creating a Shift from Workplace Conflict to Positive Interactions

Have you ever felt that you were continuing to have the same repetitive conflicts at work? EmC is an effective […]


Why EmC is Key to Creating Healthy Team Dynamics and a Positive Culture

EmC is based on the new science of attachment and emotional connection. It has been studied for over 30 years, […]

You Have the Power to Create Healthy Team Dynamics

Does anybody care about being there for me and making me feel valued? We often think of toxic work cultures […]

The Roadmap to Building Healthy Team Dynamics

Do I matter? No one cares how I do my job, and I don't trust people around here to have […]


The Importance of Positive Team Dynamics to Boost Performance

“When we feel safe and secure, and we feel we matter to others, we work better together, our potential and […]

The Science Behind Thriving Cultures

Toxic work environments are despised by all, yet programs and good intentions don’t seem to make a difference. As it […]

Why Disconnections Are Damaging

  Disconnections are damaging for us. One of the dreadful things about disconnection is that it isolates us and we […]

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