Gratitude Fuels Better Board and Team Dynamics

The holidays remind us to give thanks to our loved ones. At our Thanksgiving, my sister asked everyone what they were thankful for and when the turn came for my ten-year-old grandson, Avi, here is what he said: “I am thankful to my aunt Tonia for making a beautiful holiday Thanksgiving and for gathering the […]

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Leaders’ New Goal: Emotional Connection

Helping high-potential leaders is one of the key areas that companies focus training on, and yet, when their leaders actually get that role, they often feel like they are unprepared for it. What is the missing link? And how can leaders be more prepared? The answer is emotional connection. When teams don’t perform well, it […]

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Articles, Leadership - 04/07/2018

7 Steps to Foster Transparency for HR Leaders

In the last decade, I’ve worked with various leaders, teams and boards improving their effectiveness. From executives to managers, CEOs and board members, nothing can create better transparency than through the process of emotional connection. I can see when a team is struggling and when it’s operating smoothly. The main difference between the two is […]

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Articles, Leadership - 12/05/2017

How Building a Cohesive Culture Increases Talent Retention in Forbes

When we talk to HR directors, we always hear the same thing: “We need to improve our culture.” In fact, my company took a survey of 29 respondents at the 2017 California HR Conference and found that about 55% of these HR professionals would like to improve corporate culture. This trend is not new.   […]

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Articles, Leadership - 10/22/2017

9 Habits of Effective Audit Committee Members in Accounting Today

Audit committees are responsible for wading through the gray area in every company with respect to the law, best practices and business ethics. There are many ways to interpret strategies, and the audit committee is tasked with assessing solutions and bringing results back to the board. Clearly this can be a stressful place. Audit committees […]

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Deciphering Board Dynamics

Much of the dynamics on boards begins with creating emotional connection. When board members are “securely connected”, they feel confident that each member is reliable, supportive and responsive. Many boards struggle when members distance themselves emotionally from each other. The Board/Team Dynamics Process, BDP, helps board members bridge these gaps and communicate their needs and […]

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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai Answers The 3 Most Important Questions

Recently a Google employee wrote a 10-page memo to express his views. In response, he was fired. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai interrupted his vacation and wrote a memo to all Google employees . Pichai’s memo and the decision to cut vacations short clearly demonstrates that he is aware of how emotions can impact company’s culture […]

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A Fraud Examiner’s Guide To Relationships

Trust and transparency are two of the most important elements of a fraud examiner’s relationship with their client. We strive for it through the process of emotional connection, whether we realize it or not. The best way to gain the trust is to become more aware of it. We now know how these types of […]

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Two Ways United Airlines Could Have Avoided Public Backlash

On April 9th, 2017, David Dao was physically dragged off a United Airlines flight departing from O’Hare International Airport. You’ve no doubt heard about this, but in case you’ve got some catching up to do, you can read about it here: How did what should have been a relatively calm, albeit unpleasant, incident turn so […]

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