EmC Leaders Thoughts

The Journey Inside

We had an opportunity to speak an opportunity to a graduate class regarding the importance of emotional connection in the […]
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Every Interaction Counts Podcast

Every interaction counts. Whether it be the way you collaborate or how you innovate, all interactions add up to the […]
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Recognizing the Negative Cycle

Shaping productive interactions in distressed situations may often feel like flying a helicopter in a tornado. This is one of […]
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12 Effective Strategies To Becoming a Functional Board

12 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Functional Board Boards serve the critical function of governance and the strategic direction of […]
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Reach Out and Share

Today, being Dr. Martin Luther King’s day, to make possible his dream of unity, of equality, and being just there […]
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What's Most Important for Entrepreneurial Success?

In a recent study, What Matters More for Entrepreneurship Success? (Allen et al, 2020) authors argue that GMA increases entrepreneurial alertness, […]
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EmC Research Team

Welcome to the EmC Research Advisory Board! The purpose of the team is to test the effectiveness and the validity […]
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What You Should Do With A Bully On Your Team

Sometimes, you may have a team member who is bullying or being difficult to work with. What should you do […]
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Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

There are two basic requirements for leadership – Sufficient professional knowledge and experience in your line of work that enables […]
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