EmC Leaders Webinar


ATD 2021 Author's Chat

Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi took the stage at the ATD21 conference to discuss their book, Emotional Connection, The […]

Conflict Resolution Management Skills

Conflict Resolution Management Skills Webinar  Conflicts hurt and damage relationships. They keep us from being at our best. It […]


How Emotional Connection Can Help You Grow and Connect with Clients

An impactful coach connects with clients on an emotional level. Coaching is a partnership that provides both support and safety […]

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge Webinar Why is it that some people, regardless of title or position, are […]


Managing Change and Dealing with Stress

 What makes change difficult? Why do we react to change differently? And how can we reduce the stress that […]


Engage in Emotional Connection So Your Team Can Thrive

   Why is it people have been talking about emotional intelligence for the last 30 years, and we are […]


Increase Your Personal and Organizational Resilience

 Strong performance is vital for success. But in these uncertain times, you’ll need personal and organizational resilience to reach […]


Transform Your Life Using the EmC Strategy

We all face challenges in our relationships - in the workplace, with our families, and in our personal lives. Tempers […]


Effective Tools for Handling Stressful Conversations

 Effective Tools for Handling Stressful Conversations Webinar   Do you have a high level of connection and community in […]

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