The Leadership Journey with Rocky Bandzeladze


Leadership in organizations emanates out of courage to meet the challenges while caring for people and giving them a chance to thrive in their quest to meet business and social objectives.

Rocky Bandzeladze has over two decades of leadership experience in driving large-scale growth in financial organizations. He is an Executive Vice President and the Head of Business Banking at Banc of California and currently is pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University.

Three years ago, Mr. Bandzeladze started on his Emotional Connection (EmC) journey asking, "What can I do better to create an environment where people can thrive? How can I help them build stronger relationships with their colleagues?"

In this podcast, Rocky shares how using the EmC strategy has created a multidimensional shift for him, providing a roadmap of transformation and fulfillment in his style while helping his people meet their business objectives.