Superbly effective and powerful!

Dr Lola Gershfeld delivered a captivating and powerful presentation to a roomful of senior executive coaches who were delighted at the innovation and simplicity of EmC. In my practice I steer away from coaching tools dealing with the emotional component because many I have learned offer practices and mechanisms that treat the surface of human interaction. EmC comes from the depths of Psychology and Neuroscience to deliver simple knowledge, what we already know but have forgotten, and forgotten that we had forgotten. EmC is definitely the next investment in my professional knowledge.

Ernest Stambouly

Executive Coaches of Orange County

Wonderful presentation

We were all blessed with your wonderful presentation. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise.

Stephen Christensen



Thank you for the thought-provoking presentation. You could tell by the audience response that your message hit home.


Kenneth Hern


An inspiring presentation.

Dr. Gershfeld’s presentation was exactly what I was hoping for. She connected on an individual level with everyone in the room. There are many speakers that can inspire—and she did inspire—but more importantly, she presented the research on emotional connection that is understandable and actionable.

Rocky Bandzeladze

California Bank and Trust

A passionate, engage speaker.

Dr. Gershfeld is an engaging speaker who teaches practical and actionable ways for people to improve their skills in emotional connection. Her passion for the subject matter engages the audience and inspires them to add this skill set to their repertoire.

Roxie Storey

Association for Corporate Growth-OC