Strategic Planning Consultation

Using the Emotional Connection (EmC) process

Strategic Planning Consultation

Strategic Planning is necessary when…

  • You are experiencing difficulties in working together.
  • You are looking for ways to be more effective and productive.
  • You are interested in restoring trust and improving collaboration, engagement, and performance.
  • There are newly formed teams and boards or those that have been working together for a long time.
Our Approach

Achieving a Connected Culture

Steps to get started

  1. Assess the current patterns of interaction.
  2. Train leaders on the EmC process.
  3. Introduce the EmC process to work teams.
  4. Facilitate ongoing individual and team sessions.
  5. Align organizational systems to EmC.

Steps to reinforce and grow

  1. Conduct ongoing EmC training.
  2. Embed EmC into the onboarding process.
  3. Structure meetings to nurture EmC.
  4. Align organizational values to promote EmC.
  5. Extend EmC in all interactions with stakeholders.
Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training

I have learned a wealth of knowledge in this training class. This is transformative for my life. I feel blessed from this experience.

Jean Lee

DEB Construction

Course: Emotional Connection Experiential Leadership Team Training

In this training, I have learned skills that apply to all aspects of my life and seem invaluable. I have a deeper awareness of my emotions, the emotional processing, and how to react and guide my actions based on that awareness.

Michelle Schouten

California Bank & Trust

Course: Emotional Connection Experiential Leadership Team Training

Had a different positive experience in this training.

Mohamed Elwakil

California Bank & Trust

Course: Improving Board Engagement Through the Process of Emotional Connection

Our trust level has increased – we were able to create an atmosphere of genuine respect and appreciation for each other’s ideas, and as a result, we have become a more effective and progressive working group.

Julia Rappaport