Strategic Consultation

When difficult and stressful times are faced with humanistic and relationship-based knowledge, job satisfaction and employee engagement improve

Strategic consultation is focused on multi-layered process that clarifies the role and practice of the integration of teams and leadership. As work and roles are explored, group members develop a more expansive and deeper understanding of the processes, systems, and work flows that cause repeatable issues and roadblocks.

Through our strategic consultation, the management starts to develop and shift to a new way of approaching complexities that are unique and effective. Organizational processes and work flow decisions become humanistic and relationship-based rather than task-based.

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Bringing Humanness Back to Work

Diversity, equity and inclusion has grown to be an essential topic for leaders who want to design healthy organizational culture for the 21st century. The role of a modern leader is to create diverse teams that thrive in the context of inclusive environments that are equitable. Our research on emotional connections (EmC) as the key ingredient for high-performing teams is grounded in attachment theory and positive psychology.

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Webinars & Events

At EmC Leaders, we strive to creating engaging webinar and resources for you to engage through emotional experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to integrate into your daily practice along with leadership moments. Our webinars, podcasts, and live programs renew, ground, and engage individuals in every role of the organization.

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"Organizations have to be cohesive to perform. This program filled a gap for me. I learned that emotional connection is what drives team bonding and makes the organization cohesive."
Jonathan Silk, Founder of Bridge 3

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