Leadership Retreats

Engage and empower your leadership team

Strengthened connections nurture relationships and expand leadership dimensions of performance. Retreats focus on helping the leadership team to deepen their connection through open and honest dialogue and renew themselves in order to expand their capabilities in response to change. We provide education and the experience that enhance leaders’ capability to make the best decisions for your organization to enchance performance and provide genuine personal development that builds success.

Ask us how leadership retreats can help you engage and empower your leadership team as a means to improved outcomes.


Ten Strategic Planning Tips
for Renewed Leadership

Strategic planning is an important role of leadership. These tips can help you create and implement an effective strategic plan.

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Webinars & Events

At EmC Leaders, we strive to creating engaging webinar and resources for you to engage through emotional experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to integrate into your daily practice along with leadership moments. Our webinars, podcasts, and live programs renew, ground, and engage individuals in every role of the organization.

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"Our leadership retreats have become a good forum for honest and open communication. Every time we come together we make progress discussing things and actually addressing them."
Manuel Sescosse, Head of Finance, Miroculus

Other Solutions

Solution Emotional Intelligence Development

Emotional Intelligence Development

Emotional intelligence is a skill very leader needs to have. Connecting with people emotionally requires specialized training. We teach individuals concepts such as emotional responsiveness, attunement, and how to connect with…

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Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Identify and focus on the heart of interactions. EmC Coaching creates safety for deeper exploration and continuous persona and organization development. We coach teams, workgroups, and individuals who want to reconnect and reengage with their team...

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Solution Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation

Partnering to build a psychological safe environment. We help organizations transform through emotional connection, engaging teams, resolving conflicts, aligning values, and strengthening relationships using the EmC strategy…

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