Team Bonding And Engagement

Focused Team Wellness

EmC Leaders’ Focused Team Wellness provides teams with evidence-based approaches to optimizing their wellbeing through emotional connection.

Neuroscience and attachment research show that when people are connected, they have the ability to build relationships that help them thrive within fast-paces and changing environments. Teams attending this Intensive become more resilient, less distractred and stressed, and more focused, productive, and supportive. We guide the team through safe bonding conversations to clear the communication channel and restore the confidence of feeling valued, important, and supported.

Offer the Focused Team Wellness to your team members to help improve their resiliency, sense of connection with each other, and performance.

Focused team wellness

Why “Bonding” Conversations Are Essential for Teams

We know that bonding conversations heal adult relationships and create a positive arena for change. What’s less obvious is that that same bonding conversations heal workplace relationships and help team members to reengage.

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Webinars & Events

At EmC Leaders, we strive to creating engaging webinar and resources for you to engage through emotional experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to integrate into your daily practice along with leadership moments. Our webinars, podcasts, and live programs renew, ground, and engage individuals in every role of the organization.

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“Emotional responsiveness is what creates trust, connection, and secure bonding.”
John Bowlby

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