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EmC Coaching creates safety for deeper exploration and continuous personal and organizational development. We coach teams, workgroups, and individuals who want to reconnect and reengage with their team members and peers. We know the stuck places in communication and can help you cut through the noise to focus on the heart of the matter to keep moving forward. Coaching can be an important integrated leadership development solution or part of an organizational transformation process.

In EmC Leaders’ coaching, the coaching sessions are structured to meet client’s needs. Confidentiality and alliance are carried out within a professional and trusting relationship.

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Commitment to Lead With Emotional Connection©

Commitment to Lead with Emotional Connection is a tool to strengthen relationships and reinforce such behaviors as establishing and maintaining safe and secure interapersonal relationships and responsibility acceptance.

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Webinars & Events

At EmC Leaders, we strive to creating engaging webinar and resources for you to engage through emotional experience. You’ll find actionable takeaways to integrate into your daily practice along with leadership moments. Our webinars, podcasts, and live programs renew, ground, and engage individuals in every role of the organization.

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“Emotional responsiveness is what creates trust, connection, and secure bonding.”
John Bowlby

Other Solutions

Solution Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats

Strengthened connections nurture relationships. Leadership retreats are focused to help the leadership team to deepen relationships through bonding conversations, which helps leaders be more consistent in nurturing…

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Solution Leading with Emotional Connection

Leading with Emotional Connection

The only leadership training program based on the science of attachment and emotions that equips leaders with the right tools for creating nurturing thriving teams. Leading with Emotional Connection (LEC) is essential for leaders in the 21st Century…

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Solution Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation

Partnering to build a psychological safe environment. We help organizations transform through emotional connection, engaging teams, resolving conflicts, aligning values, and strengthening relationships using the EmC strategy…

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