Our Programs and Services


EmC Training programs are designed to teach you the EmC strategy providing you with skills to recognizing emotions, understanding reactions, and forming bonding conversations.

Harnessing the power of emotional connections is the essential element in personal and professional transformation. You will gain insight and practical strategies to use EmC in your work and get certified to use the tools with others.

  • Online Programs
    • EmC Course – This program introduces you to attachment theory concepts and emotional connection, helping you understand the power of emotions.
    • EmC Master Class & Certification –  This comprehensive program will raise emotional connectivity in yourself and others. You will develop an in-depth understanding of emotional connection as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive interactions in your work and team relationships.
    • EmC Train the Trainer Certification – This module will equip you to practice the EmC strategy with a complete emotional connection toolkit. It will elevate your skills that fuel transformation and unlock the human potential in a framework that leads to growth and thriving.
  • On-Site Training
    • Mastering Emotional Connection – will enable your team to understand the impact of emotional connection has on resilience and begin to shift the quality of team interactions.
    • Resolve Conflicts Experiential Workshop – will provide your team with the tools to resolve conflicts and repair the connection to gain greater team engagement and collaboration.
    • Engage in Emotional Connection Leadership Development – create and maintain a sense of connection and a sense of community of emotional bonds where people build strong relationships to work in diverse and disbursed environments while ensuring a high level of expectation, engagement, and performance.


  • Conflict Resolution
    • Individual Sessions are designed to help individuals become more aware of emotions, learn about their triggers, restructure responses to be more engaged, and prevent future conflicts from inflating. Individual sessions are 1.5 hours in length and can be conducted over Zoom.
    • Pair Sessions are designed to resolve conflict,  repair relationship injuries, and reconnect work partners to build strong bonds and trust in working together. Paired sessions are 2 hours in length and can be conducted either on Zoom or in-person.
    • Team Sessions are designed for reconnecting team members to improve engagement, collaboration, and productivity. EmC Team Sessions create safety to discuss challenging topics, moderating emotions, and increasing trust among team members. Team sessions can be conducted with the entire team or with a few members at a time. These sessions are usually 2-3 hours in length and can be conducted on Zoom or in-person.
    • Strategic consulting engagements can be designed to address specific needs or challenges. These can be provided on Zoom or in person.
  • Organizational Transformation
    • Our team of professionals with decades of leadership experience is committed to helping our clients with consulting services to help organizational leaders to harness the power of emotional connections and create cultures of high-quality relationships.
    • Through our retreats, one-on-one, and organization-wide engagements, we are capable of guiding your strategy to help your organization thrive. Our approach is informed by science and experience but is customized to account for your needs and challenges, delivering consulting and engagements that add durable value.
  • Leadership and Board Development
    • Our engagement helps leaders focus on mastering the emotional content of their messages and interactions, creating a deeper connection aligned with shared values committed to accomplishing the organization’s vision. The EmC strategy fully deployed allows organizations to improve productivity, dramatically increase staff engagement, and reduce risks creating an environment poised to achieve financial success.
    • We work with leaders and boards to help them recognize and honor the emotional underpinnings that connect them and allow them to make better decisions and build dynamic communities capable of navigating uncharted waters.
      • Board Development – equip your board with experiential techniques and the basis of the EmC process to improve board communication, engagement, and effectiveness.
      • EmC Implementation – work with a certified EmC facilitator to implement the EmC process throughout your organization to significantly improve creativity, collaboration, and productivity.


The EmC strategy mitigates risks and helps you build a healthy culture that will create positive relationships and support sustainable growth. You will:

  • Invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration
  • Boost engagement and wellness
  • Build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity
  • Nurture leadership throughout the organization
  • Foster strong relationships to create a thriving culture