Research and Academic Involvement

We are committed to continuously evaluate our methodology, content, and delivery through substantive research informed by best practices in psychology.

We are committed to actively studying the impact of the EmC strategy in developing and sustaining key behavioral changes. Our team of scientists and professionals has engaged in several beta studies and have received an IRB approval from Pepperdine for a larger study. Beta test results suggests significant positive results in emotionality and self-awareness.


Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this study is to examine the efficacy of the EmC Course in improving desirable emotional responses in times of stress. More specifically, the study aims to measure the effect of the course through pre-and-post surveys of the participants. Ultimately this study seeks to add to the burgeoning body of knowledge on this nascent topic.

EmC leaders

Our Research Board

Academic Involvement

EmC in Universities

The EmC Process is included in various university programs
Organizational Psychology, Master’s Degree Program at Pepperdine University, CA
Entrepreneurship, Bachelor’s Degree program at the California University State of Long Beach, CA
Organizational Development, Business School at the California University State of Fullerton, CA
Leadership, Bachelor’s Degree Business School at Chapman University, CA
Improving Board and Team Dynamics through the Emotional Connection Process, Master’s Degree Business School at Chapman University, CA