Through a scientifically proven strategy, we provide training programs and services to effectively build resilience, resolve conflicts, and strengthen performance.

Online Emotional Connection Training

  • EmC Course – This online program introduces you to attachment theory concepts and the science of emotions, helping you understand the power of emotional connection.

  • EmC Master Class & Certification –  This comprehensive online self-paced program will raise emotional connectivity in yourself and your team. You will develop an in-depth understanding of emotional connection as you gain new tools to apply immediately to fuel positive interactions and resolve conflict in work and team interactions.

  • EmC Train the Trainer Certification– This module will equip you to practice the EmC strategy with a complete emotional connection toolkit. It will elevate your skills that fuel transformation and unlock the human potential in a framework that leads to growth and thriving.

Onsite Emotional Connection Training

  • Mastering Emotional Connection – This onsite training program will empowers participants to understand the impact of emotions on interactions, performance, and resilience. Gain new tools to real human connections that shift relationships and provide you with tools to be emotionally intelligent. 

  • Experiential Conflict Resolution Workshop –  This onsite training program provides participants with tools to resolve conflicts and repair the connection to gain greater team engagement, collaboration, and trust.  

  • Engage in Emotional Connection Leadership Training – This onsite training program equips leaders to create and maintain a sense of connection and community of emotional bonds where team members nurture strong relationships to work in diverse and disbursed environments while ensuring a high level of expectation, engagement, and performance. 


Leadership and Team Development

  • Conflict Resolution Sessions are designed to help individuals de-escalate the negative pattern of conflict,  increase self-awareness of emotions, and learn new responses that start to change the steps in the dance of connection. In the session, individuals learn about their triggers, automatic thoughts, and protective behaviors.

    Participants learn how to be emotionally accessible, responsive, and engaged, and through the process, they start to restructure their responses that start to change the dance in a positive cycle of interaction. They start to change the music. Each party in the process starts to be more engaged in the conversation, creating psychological safety for others, and learn how to prevent future negative patterns from inflating. Individual sessions are one and a half hours in length, pair sessions are two hours, and team sessions are three hours each.

    To learn more about our process, please see our EmC Conflict Resolution Guide.
  • Team Facilitated Discussions are designed to create and maintain psychological safety during difficult conversations, slowing negative emotions, and addressing any disconnections. During the discussion, new corrective emotional experiences are created to strengthen the bond and increase trust in the team. Facilitated discussions are usually three to five hours in length. 
  • Leadership Retreats are designed to increase emotional intelligence in the leadership team through experiential training, bonding conversations, and awareness of emotions.  Retreats are customized and can last five to eight hours in length. Pre and post-retreat sessions included aligning goals to ensure the satisfaction of these goals. 
  • Strategic consulting is designed to address specific needs and challenges that may be prevalent in the moment. 


The EmC process is experiential and collaborative. It takes dedication and commitment to learn and practice emotional connection but with a clear roadmap of the EmC process, it is like a regularly scheduled flight. We know the plane works. We know the destination. We know how to get there. We know how to deal with turbulence.  

We’ve helped hundreds of people to learn, use, and integrate the EmC process into their leadership, teams, and organizational culture.  Let us help you. Schedule a free consultation here

What People Say About the EmC Process

The usage of the EmC process transformed our leadership team and brought honesty and transparency into every conversation we had as a team.
We connected and stayed connected because we were able to build trust with each other, which helped us to see our way through our own flaws as individuals and become that high-performing team we all wanted to be.

On a personal level, this process allowed me to communicate my thoughts in a much more clear and concise way, and therefore, I began to feel that I was being heard by my colleagues. This experience helped me to build deeper relationships with my own team, and become a more effective leader. I am forever grateful for having gone through this training.

– Wayne Ward, Executive VP, California Bank and Trust

Human connection is proving to be more and more critical in our everyday lives, especially when challenges arise.

The EmC training teaches leaders needed leadership tools that help build relationships when situations arise that breakdown their trust.

EmC amazing techniques take complex brain functions and simplify the approach to what matters to all of us. Leading to better, more valued, and productive teams that trust and thrive.

– Louis Simmons, HR Manager, Southern California Edison

WORKPLACE CONFLICT is a common occurrence! Leaders struggle with how to “fix” this because it is very disruptive and upsetting.

As an Executive Coach focusing on leadership, I know this can be challenging and not an easy fix. I found the Emotional Connection Process offered by EmC Leaders to be an excellent way to get to the root of the conflict and reconnect those involved.

The training program and ongoing support were key to enabling me to guide my clients through this process, providing them with the knowledge and tools to work through conflicts and have the close and productive team they always wanted!

– Lois Carlos, Executive Coach