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Solution Leading with Emotional Connection

Leading with Emotional Connection

EmC Leaders provides the only leadership program based on the science of attachment and emotions to equip leaders with the right tools for creating and nurturing thriving teams. Leading with Emotional Connection is essential for leaders in the 21st Century…

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Solution EmC Conflict Resolution Model

EmC Conflict Resolution Model

Save significant time and money. The EmC Conflict Resolution model is a scientifically proven approach for resolving workplace conflicts, repairing relationships, and creating positive interactions. All stages and steps…

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Solution Emotional Intelligence Development

Emotional Intelligence Development

Emotional intelligence is a skill every leader needs to have. Connecting with people emotionally requires specialized training. We teach individuals concepts such as emotional responsiveness, attunement, and how to connect with…

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Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Identify and focus on the heart of interactions. EmC Coaching creates safety for deeper exploration and continuous personal and organizational development. We coach teams, workgroups, and individuals who want to reconnect and reengage with their team...

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