List of Raw Spots and Emotions (Pad of 25 pages)




List of Raw Spots and Emotions is an important reference guide for people to learn the language of emotions. It’s an important tool as often people have a hard time identifying their work experiences and with having the list of raw spots, it’s much easier to identify what caused them to disconnect. 

The List of Emotions is a compilation of softer, surface, and primary emotions. The List of Emotions helps people to clearly articulate how they feel and have the language to express it. Often people struggle with putting words into their feelings, the List of Emotions makes it easier for them to express themselves in stressful situations. 

On the back page, there are additional lists of automatic thoughts, protective behaviors, a list of needs, and positive emotions.

The List of Raw Spots and Emotions are used in conjunction with the Reconnection Form and during the Mastering Emotional Connection training. 

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