EmC Leaders Podcasts

The Importance of Emotional Connection Within an Organization to Boost Performance

  “When we feel safe and secure, and we feel we matter to others, we work better together, our potential […]


Talent Retention Starts with Emotional Connection

If your true goal in your company is talent management and talent development, then you need to learn about emotional […]


Building a Connected Organizational Culture with Alejandro Tocigl, CEO of Miroculus

  Miroculus is a growing biotech company building Miro Technology to meet the full challenge of biotechnology research and development […]


The Leadership Journey with Rocky Bandzeladze

In this podcast, Rocky shares how using the EmC strategy has created a multidimensional shift for him, providing a roadmap […]


Putting People First, Emotional Connection as your Talent Management Strategy

In this podcast, we focus on the critical shortage of talent and the importance of creating and fostering human-centered organizations. […]


Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation with Dawn Reese

  We are excited to talk to you about Organizational Development and how it can translate into cultural transformation in […]


How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

  Listen to this special podcast as we explore the leadership journey of our invited guests, Louis Simmons "Chip" and […]


Psychological Safety: What is it and how can you develop it in your organization?

  What is psychological safety? How does it relate to fields such as leadership, management, organizational development, strategy and vision, […]


Fear of Failure

  We all have our share of failure. It isn't easy. It is real. It creates anxiety and stress. But […]

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