Leadership and Team Development

Retreat Programs for Leaders and Teams

Identify and focus on the heart of the matter

EmC Retreat Programs provide a profound depth of positive transformation and change. We know the stuck places in communication and can help you cut through the noise to focus on the heart of the matter to keep the team moving forward.

We offer two different types of retreats: Program One - Private Leadership Retreat is an important integrated development approach as part of an organizational transformation process. Program Two - Team Reconnection Program for groups to deepen their connections, restore trust, and rebuild confidence in working together.

The most common retreat program is two 3-hour sessions with a break in between. This provides the time for participants to learn the tools they need, resolve issues, and make major positive shifts in how they feel - restoring communication and relationship. 

Learn more about how our Retreat programs for leaders and teams can help you drive positive interactions, cooperation, and productivity.

Commitment to Lead With Emotional Connection©

Commitment to Lead with Emotional Connection is a tool to strengthen relationships and reinforce such behaviors as establishing and maintaining safe and secure interapersonal relationships and responsibility acceptance.

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Program One

Private Leadership Retreat

In the Private Leadership Retreat program, the leadership team receives fully customized coaching and training from our top Corporate EmC Experts. This program provides leaders clarity and a profound depth of positive transformation and change. In-person or virtually, it is by far benefited by those who seek to take significant steps in making meaningful improvements.

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"Our leadership retreats have become a good forum for honest and open communication. Every time we come together we make progress discussing things and actually addressing them."
Manuel Sescosse, Head of Finance, Miroculus

Other Solutions

Solution Emotional Intelligence Development

Emotional Inteligence

Make a positive and lasting impact on your organization. We can help you increase your employee satisfaction, cultivating a more positive approach to work relationships, and help your organization reimagine the possibilities.

Solve Conflicts
Solution EmC Conflict Resolution Model

Conflict Management

We transform organizations with a deeper sense of connection so your people and your entire organization can thrive. Build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity

Manage Conflicts
a team with Board dynamics session

Board Dynamics

By improving relationships within the team, your organization will experience better outcomes than before.

Develop Leadership