How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge Webinar

Why is it that some people, regardless of title or position, are capable of playing important roles in the lives of the organization or the community they serve? What makes them different? What do they do that others don’t do? What do we learn when we examine the lives of leaders?

Leadership is not the exclusive domain of those with power or titles. It is universal and equally distributed among all of us. We are all capable of acting on our passion to improve the lives of others.

Watch this webinar as we explore the leadership journey of our invited guests and understand how they have been able to put their passion into action to make a difference on issues that matter to them the most.

We explore the importance of emotional connection in the leadership journey and the leader’s ability to build trust, increase resilience, and nurture innovation and creativity. With a lively discussion, we provide you with advice and thoughts to encourage the inner leader in you to emerge and flourish.