Fear of Failure



We all have our share of failure. It isn't easy. It is real. It creates anxiety and stress. But what is the underlying driver of fear of failure, and how can we get comfortable with it?


In this podcast, we explore the realm of Failure and the fear and anxiety surrounding it. Failure is a wide spectrum, and if delineate the type of failure there is a category of Failure we call bad failures:


  • The failure to uphold the law, to live according to a moral code
  • The failure to act for the common good
  • The failure to exercise leadership, by not caring for others, or fulfilling the responsibilities one has
  • The failure to plan for high probability events or common-sense outcomes of actions


These are, of course, quite important, and we have all seen our share of these failures and perhaps even have, at times, committed them ourselves. But today, we talk about another whole category of Failure:

  • The Failure to Dream, Do, Live, Experience, Thrive, and most importantly to Love.


Our colleagues, Ramin Sedehi, Dr. Lola Gershfeld, and Dr. Kerri Cissna, have their own remarkable journeys of courage, passion, drive, and of course, failures.


They devote the first half of their conversation to defining, exploring, and understanding failure, giving it dimensions and context.


They will devote the second half of their conversation to overcoming fears and anxieties, appreciating the role of emotional connection and strong relationships, understanding the myriad approaches to building resiliency, and building a personal recipe for undertaking new challenges and dealing with Failure.