02 April 2019
2:00 PST

On April 2nd, Dr. Gershfeld will be joining Bart Zandbergen and Letitia Berbaum LIVE in the OC Talk Radio Studio for a special guest appearance on the Zandbergen Report podcast. The half-hour show will be available on iTunes, Podbean, and iHeartRadio shortly afterward with a link we will share from the show. Lola is looking forward to sharing her knowledge of the Emotional Connection (EmC) process in the studio!


Key topics of discussion:

  • The power of emotions in human interactions
  • How emotions impact our actions and decisions
  • The ways emotion takes control of precedence
  • How to work with emotions so that we get out of balance, scared or distressed, we can deal with it in the most effective way possible
  • The impact of emotional connection on our performance
  • The attachment theory and our brain’s inability to function without bonding
  • How to deal with disconnections and reconnect for success
  • The “side effects” of EmC on our health and well-being


EmC is currently the only approach to board and team dynamics based on the new science of emotional connection and adult bonding. Mastering Emotional Connection Certification programs are held at Pepperdine University in Irvine, California. The next training on the schedule is April 24-26.

Click here for a list of all training dates.

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