07 - 09 May 2020
9AM - 5PM  
Pepperdine University 18111 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612

The Train-the-Trainer Level 2 program provides a greater mastery of learning and practicing skills in facilitating this program, expanding your expertise. 

Level 1 Day 1 & 2 Learning and Practicing

You will learn everything that is listed on Day 1 and 2 which includes:

  • Understanding the science of emotional connection and why relationships derail.
  • How to restructure distressed relationships and bring the rapport and cohesiveness back to the team.
  • Skills in reversing the negative cycles of interaction and moving people into a positive cycle.
  • Creating safety and engagement with the step-by-step process.

Level 2 Day 3 Skill Development and Mastery

You will gain skills to:

  • Advance your understanding of getting people out of being stuck — Take a deeper dive into the three-stage process.
  • Improve proficiency—Practical exercises and skills in working with emotion and restructuring the pattern with your peers in a safe and constructive way.
  • Roleplay in action — Use strategic techniques and skills to help people to stay accessible, responsive, and engaged when they work through sensitive issues.
Jack Gershfeld, LFMT, Master EmC Trainer [email protected]

Fullerton, CA

Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1 and Train-the-Trainer Level 2 Certification