25 October 2018
8 – 9 AM PST

We live in very exciting times today, with the advances and explosion of technology, social media, and research in the neural sciences, it’s revolutionizing the way we think about our brains, our relationships, and our world.

Researchers propose that our brain is adaptable, that we’re hard-wired for social interaction and that when we are not connected or don’t feel safe, our performance suffers, our creativity diminishes, and we lose great talent because of that.

This webinar provides a clear understanding of why it is important for us to learn how to work with emotion and create an emotional connection to impact your most important relationships in the organization. What you understand, you can shape.

We will explore the underlying dynamics of leadership from evidence, attachment-based perspective, and focus on helping people be more engaged, productive and collaborative, creating a culture of nurturance, safety, and trust.

Webinar Benefits:

1. Concrete strategies for using techniques for connected communication.
2. Live question and answer session.
3. Provide a copy of the mind map.


Victoria Brodie, MA

Leadership Communication Strategist Brodie Consulting

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Jun’18

Riverside, CA

Dr. Lola Gershfeld [email protected]

Founder & CEO

Level Five Executive

Fullerton, CA