27 September 2018 20 October 2018
8 – 9 AM PST

Research shows that when teams don’t perform well it is because individual team members feel emotionally disconnected.

The everyday negative interactions that often start with one person or a group dynamic of blaming, criticizing, complaining and judging. The other people react by defending, distancing and stonewalling.

No doubt you have seen all of these at play in your organizations. Individual team members become distant and disconnected from the team due to these defensive interactions.

Usually, people are not aware of how their reactivity can trigger negative emotions in others. The danger of not knowing how team members impact each other is that destructive behavior often escalates into destructive cycles of interaction and cause a negative downward spiral in performance.

In this webinar, we will explore some of the rituals that you can do to restore the connection and strengthen the bond to remove the barriers and bridge the gaps. Strong working relations are the key to engaging the team for higher performance.

Learning the process of emotional connection and team bonding rituals can help leaders be more prepared to lead their teams. You can see how using the Emotional Connection process can have tremendous potential for your organization.

Webinar Benefits:

1. Concrete strategies for improved team bonding.
2. Live question and answer session.
3. Receive a copy of the mind map.


Jonathan Silk [email protected]

Team Dynamics & Leadership Training

EmC Certified Trainer, Level 1, Feb’18

Fort Worth, Texas

Dr. Lola Gershfeld [email protected]

Founder & CEO

Level Five Executive

Fullerton, CA