Gain new insights to develop your leadership,
experience unprecedented breakthroughs, and
create powerful transformation in your team and organization.

  • Emotional Connection (EmC) Workshops
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Boost Emotional Intelligence
Experience Breakthroughs
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Enlightened Leadership Program

Transform Your Leadership Through Emotional Connection

“I’ve never talked about emotions before…I am surprised how inspired people became.”

  • Almost everything we are going to talk about will sound foreign to you. And we can assure you that none of it appears on your balance sheet, income statement, or any other objective measure. However, every piece of it will determine whether you will lead a vibrant organization capable of achieving astonishing success or one that will face competition and eventually fail.
  • Our six-weeks program is delivered virtually through a combination of learning modules, individual coaching, and enriched through a cohort-based model, which brings multiple perspectives and insights.
  • Our instructors bring decades of organizational and entrepreneurial leadership experience, academic scholarship, and extensive consulting to complement a thoroughly tested and research-based approach, transforming teams, and organizations.

“Connecting at the emotional level allows me to collaborate, innovate, and lead with greater influence.”

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence:

  • Leadership matters. Now, more than ever, organizations are committed to building a cohesive and collaborative environment through authentic, accessible, and enlightened leaders.
  • In this program, you will gain a roadmap and valuable insights into the power of emotional connection, creating strong bonds and positive team culture, exercising greater vulnerability, and empathic leadership.
  • Our objective is to empower you with effective techniques, shared experiences, and valuable tools to provide a clear pathway for increasing your emotional intelligence.

Experience Breakthroughs:

  • You will experience breakthroughs throughout the program that highlight the emotional obstacles preventing you from reaching your full potential as a leader.
  • You will gain new “experiential” skills of emotional responsiveness that will foster greater safety and mastery of emotional balance to keep you and your team on track.
  • You will use the lens of emotional connection to view the interdependence of your team and your impact on them. This is critical for building and nurturing durable bonds, propelling your team to the next level.

Integrate EmC in Your Strategy:

  • By integrating emotional connection (EmC) into your strategy and leadership, you will use a new language and approach to transform your organizational culture.
  • EmC is a solid platform enabling psychological safety in teams, generating innovation and creativity while at the same time increasing the organization’s bottom line.
  • You will “crack the code” to transforming team dynamics by embracing vulnerability as a strength, humanity and authenticity as cherished values, and vibrant workplace relationships as a sign of a healthy organization.

Who Should Attend:

  • Current organizational leaders
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Professionals in transition
  • Business coaches and mentors
  • Individuals interested in self-development

Six-Weeks Virtual Program:

  • 3-hour training weekly for six weeks
  • Eight modules, eight powerful tools with a workbook
  • Individual coaching
  • Weekly actionable items
  • Certification and credit hours available upon request

If you have more questions about this program, you can schedule time with our team to learn more.


If you have more questions about this program, you can schedule time with our team to learn more.


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