The EmC Master Class

The EmC Master Class for Mastering Emotional Connection


Course: EC4


The on-demand, self-paced EmC Master Class teaches powerful skills to help you resolve conflicts quickly, directly, and effectively when it matters most. This course, grounded in decades of attachment science research, introduces the foundations of emotional connection and takes a deeper dive into mastering the most challenging conversations at work and at home.


Whenever you are feeling ineffective or not achieving the results you want, it’s likely the emotional connection either hasn’t happened or has been lost. In fact, both individual and organizational success is largely determined by how quickly and effectively you reconnect when disconnections happen. At the heart of healthy and high-performance organizations are people willing and able to create, nurture, and build strong emotional connections.


The on-demand experience of the EmC Master Class provides you with online access to the proven process of reconnecting teammates together. We have combined online instructional design with a best-in-class learning platform to deliver a flexible, engaging, and interactive learning experience that creates real behavior change.


Whether you’re looking for personal development or to train your entire team, the on-demand experience of the EmC Master Class offers both convenience and flexibility. Ready to start learning today? This weekend? No problem—you have unlimited access for 90 days. Looking to enable your busy, remote team? Easy—everyone can begin and progress on their own timeline from any location.


Simply log on and start learning—no matter your location, schedule, or personal and team goals.


Your EmC Master Class on-demand learner license includes:

  • Unlimited access so you can learn at your own pace.
  • Access to post-course resources and learning aids to help you apply your newly learned skills.
  • Skill aids reminder and retention.


* IMPORTANT: Completing this on-demand course does NOT qualify you to become a certified trainer. To qualify for certification, you MUST complete the EmC Master Class and the Train-the-Trainer certification program.

Skills and Benefits:

Individual Skills

The EmC Master Class gives people the skills to step out of the negative cycle of interaction —rather than over or around it—and lead bonding conversations for improved relationships and results. Participants learn how to:

  • Make even the riskiest topics safe for discussion
  • Create psychological safety where people can share concerns openly and honestly
  • Speak from a place of vulnerability to pull people closer when the stakes are high, and opinions vary
  • Learn how to turn disagreement and conflict into collaboration and connection

Organizational Benefits

The EmC Master Class skills yield individual, team, and cultural success. Our clients continually see results in the following areas:

  • Courage and safety – When people feel psychologically safe to speak up, they have more courage to share meaning to important topics and become more engaged in creating a thriving culture.
  • Agility and growth mindset – Staying agile in changing circumstances requires people to be emotionally responsive in the face of stress and uncertainty.
  • Motivation and innovation – In cultures of strong emotional connection, people are intrinsically motivated to go the extra mile and think outside the box.
  • Diverse and inclusive– When people can quickly tune into each other and be in the same emotional channel, diversity of ideas and inclusion are fueled by being supportive and open.
  • Engagement and teamwork – When employees feel they matter, they see their role as vital and their contribution as critical.