EmC Certified Trainers are those who have completed the Mastering Emotional Connection and Train-the-Trainer Certification.

There are five levels of certification.

Level 1

EMC Certified Trainers understanding the key concepts and the science of emotional connection. Having the knowledge to use The 5 Techniques and The 5 Moves to work with emotions. Having the knowledge in using the Cycle of Interaction Worksheet and can work with individuals and small groups to reconnect. Emotional Balance is the ability to step out of the negative interactions and reestablish a connection with each other.

Level 2

EmC Certified Trainers have a more extensive knowledge and experience in identifying the negative cycles and are more confident in restructuring the cycle in more difficult cases, taking teams through the EmC process.

Level 3

EmC Certified Trainers have extensive experience in using the EmC process and are confident in working with emotions and leading bonding conversations within and between teams.

Level 4

EmC Certified Trainers have completed many of the EmC reconnection sessions and have extensive experience in teaching the EmC process as well as incorporating it into the day-to-day company activities.

Level 5

EmC Certified Trainers are able to supervise certified EmCers in addressing company disconnections, traumas, and relationship repairs.