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Mastering Emotional Connection Training through EmC Certification

EmC Training Programs

Emotional Connection or EmC is a leading-edge approach designed to transform disconnects between people that lead to strong working relationships and a positive work environment. It is a powerful tool to use in many distressing situations.

EmC uses evidence-based techniques and is deeply rooted in well-researched neuroscience and attachment theory: emotional connection is what bonds people together.

EmC is as foundational training for coaches, teams, and leaders. The benefit is you learn a map to relationships that will help you to prevent and reverse destructive emotions and toxic interactions from taking over.

EmC is the next level of applied emotional intelligence. When people are emotionally connected, they are much more productive, engaged and enthusiastic about working and addressing challenges together.

Mastering Emotional Connection EmC Certification Level 1

Getting your team to work effectively together without derailment in conflicts or setbacks is a universal problem that few leaders know how to resolve. In this course, learn how to apply an integrated, practical, and research-based framework for getting your team back on track in working together that will help you improve the productivity and effectiveness of you and your team by 50-350%.

Based on years of research by theorists and prominent psychologists in attachment and adult bonding, as well as our experience in working with teams and boards, you will learn an effective framework that you can apply to any challenging situation in your team. With this framework, you will have the skills needed to set challenging goals and meet them, feeling successful and fulfilled at your job.

This course is approved for HR, SHRM, and ICF credit hours. 

Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1 and Train-the-Trainer Level 2 EmC Certification

Companies face challenges such as diversity, inclusion, leadership conflict, creating a culture of care, transition, engagement, turnover, motivation, and others. However, when leaders do not know how to deal with emotions, they use ineffective strategies to deal with those challenges effectively. 

In this course, you will improve your emotional intelligence by better identifying and working with emotions and take people through the reconnection process, creating bonding conversations, unifying people’s relationships, and advancing your skills into action. 

This program provides you access to training materials and resources to teach the EmC process for your team and organization. 

This course is approved for HR, SHRM, and ICF credit hours. 

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
This training is a masterpiece for organizations. The blend of great research on emotional connection and its impact on team dynamics and organizational effectiveness is groundbreaking.

Richard Thome

Leadership Associates


I learned so much from this course. Thank you! So much rich material to work with. Thank you for creating such a safe learning environment and meeting each participant where they are. I have so much excitement around this material and can't wait to start working it into my coaching.


Alicia Maciel


Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
I was fully engaged from the first moment to the last. The EmC process is something everyone can use to improve and impact relationships, personal and professional. It was a remarkable three days I will always use moving forward.

Christine Barone

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
This course was one of those defining moments in my life that has helped me grow personally and professionally. From the beginning of the course, it grabbed my attention with stories and examples of how emotional disconnection can lead to negative cycles. With catchy phrases and numerous exercises along with tools and techniques, the instructor turned an analytical and logical person like me into an empathetic and emotionally attuned person. It was a transformative experience and now I'm comfortable with my emotions as well as others around me. I now know how to cope and even thrive in an environment surrounded with left-brained people.

Paul Kang, PMP, CISSP

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training

I have learned a wealth of knowledge in this training class. This is transformative for my life. I feel blessed from this experience.

Jean Lee

DEB Construction

Course: Board Development and EmC Integration

The experience has been absolutely nothing short of amazing. This is the process that is helping us be successful in a people’s business. I can’t think of any organization that deals with people that would not benefit from this training.

Shahin Vosough

Center Club of Orange County

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
The course breaks down the science of how we get into these negative cycles and how we can break free, how we can reconnect and as a result live happier and healthier lives. Every single person should have the opportunity to take a course like this one. It would change the world completely.

Candace Pearson

Course: Emotional Connection Experiential Leadership Team Training

This was a very inspiring class. Emotional connections truly are valuable. The videos were eye-opening.

Sam Robles

California Bank & Trust

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1

The Level Five Executive emotional training course is all about practical ways to connect with your colleagues (It's also incredibly useful for applying to non-work situations). Bottom line - if you are having issues with a boss, peer or report, this is the course for you. It teaches how to think about where the relationship soured. Pinpointing the triggers and then repairing ht e damage to make the relationship work for both or all of you. The presenter/facilitator Dr Lola Gershfeld is excellent as instructor and guide in both lecture format and practical role-playing exercises. The discussion between students on the program is also excellent.


David Harris

Clarion Project

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1

I really enjoyed and benefited from this course. Dr. Lola Gershfeld is a very knowledgeable instructor who is passionate about the subject of Emotional Connection. This course was eye-opening and provided a solid road map to building emotional bonds, which are vital in improving and maintaining trusting and healthy working relationships among individuals/teams. Lectures are full of examples rooted in scientific research and interactive with all class members participating. Highly recommended and valuable to any organization!


Vladi Bergart

Bergart Consulting

Course: Level Five Executive Consulting
After learning this approach, I now see this as a foundation team training and leadership training. The benefit of training groups and leaders to use this approach is that everyone knows how to prevent and reverse destructive emotions and toxic interactions from taking over.

Susan Forster


Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Level 1

I have thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent in the workshop this week. Amazing people, interesting ideas. Highly recommend anyone who deals with boardroom culture.



Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
I think, as a company, it’s important to understand how to emotionally connect in order to build better people and better relationships, and a natural cohesiveness starts to blossom in an organization. This is what this course provides.

Eva Hackler

DEB Construction

Course: Level Five Executive Consulting
Learning the process of emotional connection has helped us to focus our energy on practical behaviors that have drastically improved our working relationships, our communication, and our company culture.

Connie Carey

Chino Hills Medical Group


I feel that we have become a much stronger Board together. Our meetings have become more enjoyable and productive. I would say that we are much more focused on our mission and the vision of our organization.




Shahim Vosough

Center Club of Orange County

Course: Mastering Emotional Connection Training and Train-the-Trainer Certification
This program was so enlightening for me. Understanding how to empower people with the language of emotion to move them from a negative state emotion to one of connection and safety is a game changer. I am excited to bring this back to my work team, relationships and family.

Victoria Brodie, MA

Leadership Communication Strategist Brodie Consulting

This is a breakthrough approach to attaining balance and productivity. We are wired for connection!!! We all need to remember that no one is to blame except the negative cycle. I look forward to more practice with EmC so it becomes second nature.

Elizabeth Ryan

California Bank & Trust

Team Cohesion

Advantages of EmC Certification

  • Enhance learning objectives in leadership, board and team development.
  • Practice key skills in creating emotional connections in a fun, safe environment.
  • Learn how to work with emotions in the workplace.
  • Guide people to manage conflicts, improving interactions, engagement, and collaboration.
  • Present a deeper understanding of self-awareness, responsiveness, and reflection.
  • Develop teams, boards, peers, and leaders.