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According to the CPP, Inc study, 2.8 hours (145 hours per year) are lost every week due to workplace conflict. In addition, there are losses due to stress, illness, loss of talent, absenteeism, legal costs, and loss of sales, which are not measured here but would have to be taken into account in a thorough calculation. For now, use this tool to calculate the base cost of conflict in your organization.

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Based on the data you entered in the EmC Conflict Cost Calculator, the cost has been calculated to help you and your organization be better informed on the costs associated with workplace conflict and its impact on your organization. The results are based on the relevant studies and the current conflict experienced in your specific team.

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Definition of Conflict - Conflicts can be an overt and aggressive or hidden, internalized, and corrosive to trust, confidence, and creativity. Here are some of the examples:

  • Differing values with people who matter to you.
  • A lack of trust with people who matter to you or within a team.
  • Feeling alone in stressful times.
  • Management’s ineffectiveness in addressing fundamental workplace issues; bad things are allowed to go on.
  • When good people leave, and their loss is downplayed.
  • When you care, work hard but feel undervalued, underappreciated, and not heard.
  • When your efforts at innovation are seen as threatening instead of new and exciting.

*This is an estimate based on an average of 2.8 hours lost to conflict per week in a national study (include the link). In addition, to this, there are multitude of other costs, such as illness due to stress and subsequent absenteeism, turnover, legal claims, training and development, and overall productivity costs and sales implications.

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