EmC Leaders Thoughts

Avoiding Workplace Conflict by Centering Emotions

Conflicts arising in the workplace is inevitable. With people with all different mindsets coming together, it is important to remember […]

Types of Negative Interactions and How to Shift Workplace Conflicts

Are you experiencing negative interactions in your work relationships? Do you know that this pattern of workplace conflict can be […]

Isolation During Workplace Conflict is Traumatizing

As humans, we are wired for connection. During periods of conflict in the workplace, we may feel isolated and disconnected. […]

Creating a Shift from Workplace Conflict to Positive Interactions

Have you ever felt that you were continuing to have the same repetitive conflicts at work? EmC is an effective […]

Why EmC is Key to Creating Healthy Team Dynamics and a Positive Culture

EmC is based on the new science of attachment and emotional connection. It has been studied for over 30 years, […]

You Have the Power to Create Healthy Team Dynamics

Does anybody care about being there for me and making me feel valued? We often think of toxic work cultures […]

The Roadmap to Building Healthy Team Dynamics

Do I matter? No one cares how I do my job, and I don't trust people around here to have […]

The Importance of Positive Team Dynamics to Boost Performance

“When we feel safe and secure, and we feel we matter to others, we work better together, our potential and […]

The Science Behind Thriving Cultures

Toxic work environments are despised by all, yet programs and good intentions don’t seem to make a difference. As it […]

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