Podcasts - 07/19/2021

The Leadership Journey with Rocky Bandzeladze

Leadership in organizations emanates out of courage to meet the challenges while caring for people and giving them a chance to thrive in their quest to meet business and social objectives. Rocky Bandzeladze has over two decades of leadership experience in driving large-scale growth in financial organizations. He is an Executive Vice President and the […]

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Podcasts - 07/05/2021

Putting People First, Emotional Connection as your Talent Management Strategy

In this podcast, we focus on the critical shortage of talent and the importance of creating and fostering human-centered organizations. Talent management strategy which is enhanced by the power of emotional connection has the opportunity to create a positive and productive environment. In addition, emotionally balanced employees engage more deeply, supporting each other and the […]

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Leadership, Podcasts - 05/06/2021

Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation with Dawn Reese

We are excited to talk to you about Organizational Development and how it can translate into cultural transformation in your company or entity. Our goal today is for us to discuss the other side of the organization, its capacity.  The building, fostering, and developing of such critical facets as trust, curiosity, compassion, resilience, and creativity occupies the realm […]

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Podcasts - 03/31/2021

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

Listen to this special podcast as we explore the leadership journey of our invited guests, Louis Simmons “Chip” and Lola Gershfeld, and understand how they have been able to put their passion into action to make a difference on issues that matter to them the most. We explore the importance of emotional connection in the […]

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Podcasts - 03/09/2021

Psychological Safety: What is it and how can you develop it in your organization?

What is psychological safety? How does it relate to fields such as leadership, management, organizational development, strategy and vision, entrepreneurship? What does psychological safety look like? What is the relationship between psychological safety and wellness, and which is the precursor to the other? How can we develop and practice psychological safety? What is involved with […]

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Podcasts - 03/04/2021

Fear of Failure

We all have our share of failure. It isn’t easy. It is real. It creates anxiety and stress. But what is the underlying driver of fear of failure, and how can we get comfortable with it? In this podcast, we explore the realm of Failure and the fear and anxiety surrounding it. Failure is a […]

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Podcasts - 02/20/2021

Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection: unlocking the human potential with Lola and Ramin Welcome to our podcast where we talk about how emotional connection can empower you at work and in life. In this episode, we explore the importance of emotional connection and why it matters. 

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