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ATD 2021 Author's Chat

Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi took the stage at the ATD21 conference to discuss their book, Emotional Connection, The […]


Meet the team!

The EmC Leaders team was fortunate to attend the recent ATD21 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are passionate […]

Reconnection is the Key for Performance

In our everyday work environment, there are moments when we lose connection with the people we depend on. These are […]


The Leadership Journey with Rocky Bandzeladze

In this podcast, Rocky shares how using the EmC strategy has created a multidimensional shift for him, providing a roadmap […]


Putting People First, Emotional Connection as your Talent Management Strategy

In this podcast, we focus on the critical shortage of talent and the importance of creating and fostering human-centered organizations. […]


Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation with Dawn Reese

  We are excited to talk to you about Organizational Development and how it can translate into cultural transformation in […]

Conflict Resolution Management Skills

Conflict Resolution Management Skills Webinar  Conflicts hurt and damage relationships. They keep us from being at our best. It […]

How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance

How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance We’re all off balance these days. The impact of the pandemic, the […]


How Emotional Connection Can Help You Grow and Connect with Clients

An impactful coach connects with clients on an emotional level. Coaching is a partnership that provides both support and safety […]

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