Leadership, Podcasts - 05/06/2021

Organizational Development and Cultural Transformation with Dawn Reese

We are excited to talk to you about Organizational Development and how it can translate into cultural transformation in your company or entity. Our goal today is for us to discuss the other side of the organization, its capacity.  The building, fostering, and developing of such critical facets as trust, curiosity, compassion, resilience, and creativity occupies the realm […]

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Leadership, Webinars - 04/29/2021

Conflict Resolution Management Skills

Conflict Resolution Management Skills Webinar Conflicts hurt and damage relationships. They keep us from being at our best. It can be discouraging when people are stuck in a perpetual pattern of conflict. This webinar will help you understand the types of conflicts, the EmC framework, and introduce you to the process of emotional connection to […]

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How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance

How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance We’re all off balance these days. The impact of the pandemic, the uncertainty of our jobs, and the continued pressure to get back to “normal” create distress, burn-out, and confusion. Regardless of how effective your team was or has been during the COVID crisis, we’re entering a […]

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Leadership, Webinars - 03/31/2021

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge

How to Let Your Inner Leader Emerge Webinar Why is it that some people, regardless of title or position, are capable of playing important roles in the lives of the organization or the community they serve? What makes them different? What do they do that others don’t do? What do we learn when we examine […]

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Five Reasons to Be Certified in the Emotional Connection (EmC) Process

“Change occurs with a new emotional experience.” – Franz Alexander One of the things I observed working with individuals, teams, and organizations is that change occurs when people are emotionally connected with each other. We are human bonding mammals. We are wired for connection. When we become disconnected, our emotional signals get distorted and we […]

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Articles, Leadership - 02/12/2021

Leadership Development and Emotional Connection

Leadership Development and Emotional Connection Leadership development programs are content-heavy but inadequate in guiding leaders to understand and value the power of human connections. Current programs still focus on teaching behavioral techniques and situational skills to address the known issues. However, the science shows that long-term behavioral change does not occur without an experiential process, […]

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Every Interaction Counts Podcast

Every interaction counts. Whether it be the way you collaborate or how you innovate, all interactions add up to the overall experience of effective team building. This is backed by a science of emotional connection in businesses that cannot be ignored. 1. Everyone needs emotional connection, and we sometimes act ineffectively when faced with perceived […]

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What’s Most Important for Entrepreneurial Success?

In a recent study, What Matters More for Entrepreneurship Success? (Allen et al, 2020) authors argue that GMA increases entrepreneurial alertness, providing an avenue for entrepreneurs to recognize and exploit opportunities effectively; however, EI helps entrepreneurs to make better decisions and build strong relationships for the long-term success. General Mental Ability (GMA) is defined as a […]

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What You Should Do With A Bully On Your Team

Sometimes, you may have a team member who is bullying or being difficult to work with. What should you do in this situation, especially, when that person is your top performer? Case Example Teresa, CEO of Beta Learning Center, has seven direct reports. Eight months ago, the team went through a transition where Manuel was […]

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