How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance

How To Help Your Employees Gain Emotional Balance We’re all off balance these days. The impact of the pandemic, the uncertainty of our jobs, and the continued pressure to get back to “normal” create distress, burn-out, and confusion. Regardless of how effective your team was or has been during the COVID crisis, we’re entering a […]

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The Importance of Secure Attachment in the Workplace

The Importance of Secure Attachment in the Workplace Rock climbing is challenging, puzzling, and continuously changing. When we are connected with the rope where someone is belaying us, we are capable of taking the risks, finding the right holes, and moving up. The belayer knows when to give us more rope so that we can […]

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Engage in Emotional Connection So Your Team Can Thrive Webinar

What is emotional connection and why is it necessary for your team to thrive? In this webinar, Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi talk about how you can engage in emotional connection to improve employee engagement, client relationships, and innovation. Learn how to work with emotions and the process of emotional connection to create strong […]

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Podcast - 03/09/2021

Psychological Safety: What is it and how can you develop it in your organization?

What is psychological safety? How does it relate to fields such as leadership, management, organizational development, strategy and vision, entrepreneurship? What does psychological safety look like? What is the relationship between psychological safety and wellness, and which is the precursor to the other? How can we develop and practice psychological safety? What is involved with […]

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Podcast - 03/04/2021

Fear of Failure

We all have our share of failure. It isn’t easy. It is real. It creates anxiety and stress. But what is the underlying driver of fear of failure, and how can we get comfortable with it? In this podcast, we explore the realm of Failure and the fear and anxiety surrounding it. Failure is a […]

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Sales vs Engineering and Other Interdepartmental Conflicts

Sales vs Engineering and Other Interdepartmental Conflicts As you probably know, challenges between sales and engineering teams are real. If not managed well, this can derail progress. These relationships can be fraught with frequent conflicts and disconnections. At the heart of the conflict, each side needs to share their emotions in a safe and constructive […]

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Podcast - 02/20/2021

Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection: unlocking the human potential with Lola and Ramin Welcome to our podcast where we talk about how emotional connection can empower you at work and in life. In this episode, we explore the importance of emotional connection and why it matters. 

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Five Reasons to Be Certified in the Emotional Connection (EmC) Process

“Change occurs with a new emotional experience.” – Franz Alexander One of the things I observed working with individuals, teams, and organizations is that change occurs when people are emotionally connected with each other. We are human bonding mammals. We are wired for connection. When we become disconnected, our emotional signals get distorted and we […]

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Look for Changes in Behavior

Kim needed to solve a difficult problem for her customer, and she knew she couldn’t do it alone. But every time she turned to her co-workers for help, she heard things like, “It’s is not my issue” or “I’m not responsible for this,” leaving her feeling overwhelmed and helpless. Her boss noticed that Kim became […]

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