Challenges – Public Boards vs. Private Boards

Directors and CEOs have a lot on their plate when assessing boardroom challenges. Some issues span across all types of boards like how to handle succession plans, how do you vet new members, and how do you make sure your board is diverse? These problems are important and complicated but what about the issues that […]

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How Directors and CEOs Should Address Risk

A recent study revealed the top ten risks that board members and executive management is most concerned about in 2016. The number one concern was a tie between regulatory changes/scrutiny and economic climate. The corporate world is full of risks that we can’t really control which often sends us into panic mode. Let’s take a […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 03/28/2016

The Challenges of Growth when Running a Board of Directors

As Chair of a Board, you have many responsibilities and challenges. You are responsible for how effective the board is and how fulfilling the experience is for your directors. Apart from the fiduciary responsibilities of the board, you work with the CEO and directors to determine goals and how they align with the core values, […]

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Your Brain on M&A

Mergers and Acquisitions are at an all-time high. A merger or acquisition is one of the most stressful transitions a board can go through. With the future of their company up in the air, directors are thrown into uncertainty. This uncertainty leads to fear and anxiety which hampers decision making. Why does this happen, and […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 03/14/2016

Highlights of the 2016 Board Dynamics Session for CEOs and Directors

With the help of our expert panelists, the 2016 Board Dynamics Session was a great success. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the event and highlight some of the particularly valuable points. The event started out with a comprehensive summary of the Allergan transition from Michael Gallagher and Cary Hyden. Gallagher shed […]

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CEOs and The Emotional Brain

Understanding the brain is the first step to understanding your emotions and the emotions of your board of directors. Emotional connections are essential to overall board performance. How directors feel about each other directly impacts the efficacy of the board. The brain is our most complex organ and even through we’ve been studying it for […]

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How CEOs and Directors Can Implement Appreciation & Recognition

Motivation and inspiration play a key role in board performance. One of the easiest ways to increase these two elements of performance is by improving appreciation and recognition among your directors and CEO. There are several ways to show appreciation to your board. When we say “appreciation and recognition” people usually assume we are referring […]

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Elevate Board Performance for CEOs and Directors: Increase Emotional Connection

If you observe successful boards, you will see that they have unrivaled ability to cooperate, trust, and manage through hard times. Although directors have fiduciary duties, you can’t make them collaborate or trust each other – but if you create the right environment, loyalty, collaboration, and trust happen naturally. In order to protect us from […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 02/15/2016

All-Star Panelists Will Lead 2016 Board Dynamics Session

  The 2016 Board Dynamics Session How to Unite Your Board in Times of Adversity is less than a month away! The panelists who will be speaking are an impressive group, and you will benefit by hearing about their experiences in the corporate world. Susan Swenson serves on the Wells Fargo, Harmonic Inc. and Spirent […]

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