How to Avoid a Bad M&A

With mergers and acquisitions at their peak, we thought it might be helpful to dive into the decision making process behind a successful (and not so successful) M&A. Companies like Boeing are always looking for acquisition opportunities, but how do they decide what kind of company is best to approach with a deal? And what […]

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Why M&As Fail – For CEOs and Board Members

Some say that the reason why some M&As don’t succeed is because board members can’t agree and have too many differences. But research shows that is not a good indicator, it is an easy one to see but the real problem is distance. It is whether you have moments on your board where you feel […]

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How Board Disconnections Lead to Wrong Decisions: Volkswagen’s Perfect Storm

Every once in a while there seems to be a perfect storm within a company that causes a huge scandal and rocks the face of an industry. These scandals usually brew for years and when they eventually come to a head, boards and CEOs are left scrambling and panicked. This is certainly the case of […]

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Inspiring Great Strategy: For CEOs and Board Leaders

When talking about boards, it is hard to avoid the topic of strategy development. We hear CEOs complain all the time that board members aren’t providing good strategy ideas even though they are all individually highly intelligent and highly capable professionals. The problem is not that the board members are unable to create an effective […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 06/07/2016

Four Signs that Your Large Board is Emotionally Disconnected

Emotional connection is the backbone of positive board dynamics. A board that has good relationships can make better decisions for their company. As a director or CEO, it is up to you to determine if your board is functioning at its highest level – so how can you tell if your board has poor emotional […]

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Preventing Chaos – Learning from Other CEOs Mistakes

In an increasingly public world, we have the privilege of observing and learning from organizational failures. What I mean by that, is much of the employee outrage or internal power struggles that we see in the news every day can be prevented by addressing the emotional disconnection among the board, executive team, and management. Cr Most […]

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Putting Values First: Baidu Takes Action

Companies that are built to last have a clear vision and mission, as well as core values that guide their decisions. Core values keep a business in line by providing an ethical compass for its employees to follow. Every decision from strategic to operational should be made with the core values in mind. This gives […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 05/23/2016

Fear, Performance, and Transparency – What CEOs and Boards Should Know

We all know how important transparency is to a board and its company. Information sharing and communication are key aspects to any successful company. Transparency creates assurance, instills confidence, and builds cohesiveness among board members and the executive team which ultimately leads to shareholder trust. A transparent board allows directors to accurately assess the state […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 05/16/2016

Changing Board Dynamics: Where do you start?

In the last decade, the subject of board dynamics has gained significant attention. As organizations seek to boost board performance, board dynamics has become one of the focal points for improvement. There are real connections between a board that functions at its highest level and a company’s financial success. Much of it has to do […]

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