EmC Leaders Thoughts

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Leadership and emotional intelligence? Are you also wondering how the two are connected? A leader needs to be intelligent, yes, […]
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Emotional Connection Process for Working With Clients

Emotional Connection Process for Working With Clients Webinar The Emotional Connection EmC process provides a clear step-by-step methodology to shape […]
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The Zandbergen Report Podcast with Dr. Lola Gershfeld

In this podcast of the Zandbergen Report, Dr. Lola Gershfeld shares how to be more effective and influential while achieving new levels of success by mastering emotional connection.
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Dr. Lola Gershfeld brings the EmC process to Washington, D.C.

(Irvine, CA -- February 6, 2019) Today Dr. Lola Gershfeld, Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, and CEO of EmC Leaders […]
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The EmC process and BeingWell.life

A Q&A session with Alicia Maciel, Leadership & Care Provider Engagement Ally, and Certified EmC Trainer to find out how the EmC process plays a role in her work.  
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Gratitude Fuels Better Board and Team Dynamics

The holidays remind us to give thanks to our loved ones. At our Thanksgiving, my sister asked everyone what they […]
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Leaders’ New Goal: Emotional Connection

Helping high-potential leaders is one of the key areas that companies focus training on, and yet, when their leaders actually […]
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Accountability Starts With Emotional Connection in Forbes

Accountability is one of the most important things leaders must deal with in business, and often, it’s the one they […]
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7 Steps to Foster Transparency for HR Leaders

In the last decade, I’ve worked with various leaders, teams and boards improving their effectiveness. From executives to managers, CEOs […]
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