Five Ways To Bounce Back From A Culture Catastrophe in Forbes

Published on Forbes Corporate culture is a growing concern for boards and stockholders. One study shows that 92% of executives believe improving corporate culture would increase their firm’s value. That is an overwhelming majority, and yet so many companies with seemingly unlimited resources keep falling into the trap of poor culture.   A recent victim […]

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Articles, Leadership - 12/05/2017

How Building a Cohesive Culture Increases Talent Retention in Forbes

When we talk to HR directors, we always hear the same thing: “We need to improve our culture.” In fact, my company took a survey of 29 respondents at the 2017 California HR Conference and found that about 55% of these HR professionals would like to improve corporate culture. This trend is not new.   […]

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Board And Team Dynamics Starts With Emotional Connection in Forbes

Years ago, I was at a board meeting feeling desperate and confused as I listened to some of our board members get into one of their power struggles. Then, I found myself doing the exact same thing.   The success of a board relies on feelings of emotional connection. The science behind emotional connection suggests […]

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The Importance of Vulnerability in Board Development in California CEO Magazine

Great board dynamics are a crucial element of a functional and successful board. Board leaders are constantly asking me where to start with board dynamics. There are a lot of different elements that need to be addressed in regards to board dynamics, but I always encourage them to start with emotional safety and vulnerability. When […]

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Articles, Leadership - 10/22/2017

9 Habits of Effective Audit Committee Members in Accounting Today

Audit committees are responsible for wading through the gray area in every company with respect to the law, best practices and business ethics. There are many ways to interpret strategies, and the audit committee is tasked with assessing solutions and bringing results back to the board. Clearly this can be a stressful place. Audit committees […]

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Articles - 10/20/2017

13 Things Emotionally Connected Internal Auditors DON’T Do in Accounting Today

Internal auditors have a tough job—they have to enter a team and gain full trust and transparency in a limited amount of time. They understand that the most effective and efficient way to gain that trust is through emotional connection. In working with internal auditors and board audit committees, I have noticed 13 things that […]

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Deciphering Board Dynamics

Much of the dynamics on boards begins with creating emotional connection. When board members are “securely connected”, they feel confident that each member is reliable, supportive and responsive. Many boards struggle when members distance themselves emotionally from each other. The Board/Team Dynamics Process, BDP, helps board members bridge these gaps and communicate their needs and […]

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