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How Airgas Avoided A Hostile Takeover in Corporate Board Member Magazine

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How Managing Emotions Can Improve Board Effectiveness in Chief Executive Magazine

Traditionally, board effectiveness has been seen as having a direct correlation with governance or strategy. While these two elements are important for boards to perform, what is often overlooked is the effect of the human condition on productivity.
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Why A Board Caught In A Negative Cycle Shouldn’t Neglect Emotion in Forbes

Published on Forbes   Uber’s board is again facing challenging times. After a shake-up over the last year or so, […]
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Five Ways To Bounce Back From A Culture Catastrophe in Forbes

Published on Forbes Corporate culture is a growing concern for boards and stockholders. One study shows that 92% of executives […]
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How Building a Cohesive Culture Increases Talent Retention in Forbes

When we talk to HR directors, we always hear the same thing: “We need to improve our culture.” In fact, […]
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Board And Team Dynamics Starts With Emotional Connection in Forbes

Years ago, I was at a board meeting feeling desperate and confused as I listened to some of our board […]
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The Importance of Vulnerability in Board Development in California CEO Magazine

Great board dynamics are a crucial element of a functional and successful board. Board leaders are constantly asking me where […]
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9 Habits of Effective Audit Committee Members in Accounting Today

Audit committees are responsible for wading through the gray area in every company with respect to the law, best practices […]
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13 Things Emotionally Connected Internal Auditors DON’T Do in Accounting Today

Internal auditors have a tough job—they have to enter a team and gain full trust and transparency in a limited […]
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