The Journey Inside

We had an opportunity to speak an opportunity to a graduate class regarding the importance of emotional connection in the workplace. One of the key aspects of the emotional connection process is recognizing the raw spots and triggers that impact our interactions. The longer we experience the conflict, the more raw spots we accumulate. These […]

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Every Interaction Counts Podcast

Every interaction counts. Whether it be the way you collaborate or how you innovate, all interactions add up to the overall experience of effective team building. This is backed by a science of emotional connection in businesses that cannot be ignored. 1. Everyone needs emotional connection, and we sometimes act ineffectively when faced with perceived […]

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Recognizing the Negative Cycle

Shaping productive interactions in distressed situations may often feel like flying a helicopter in a tornado. This is one of the tasks that makes resolving conflicts feel overwhelming. Suppose you are going to set up new conversations, conversations that can gradually redefine your workplace relationships and resolve challenges effectively. In that case, you have to […]

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12 Effective Strategies To Becoming a Functional Board

12 Effective Strategies to Becoming a Functional Board Boards serve the critical function of governance and the strategic direction of the company. Dysfunction at the board level often spills over to the management of the company and throughout the organization. If the board you serve on has been struggling with progress, lack of transparency, engagement, […]

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Reach Out and Share

Today, being Dr. Martin Luther King’s day, to make possible his dream of unity, of equality, and being just there for each other, reach out to your colleagues to connect, acknowledge, and find a way into one another’s heart. Share your fears and concerns authentically. Your feelings are important, and sharing them will help reduce […]

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What’s Most Important for Entrepreneurial Success?

In a recent study, What Matters More for Entrepreneurship Success? (Allen et al, 2020) authors argue that GMA increases entrepreneurial alertness, providing an avenue for entrepreneurs to recognize and exploit opportunities effectively; however, EI helps entrepreneurs to make better decisions and build strong relationships for the long-term success. General Mental Ability (GMA) is defined as a […]

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Webinars - 12/11/2020

Increase Your Personal and Organizational Resilience

Increase Your Personal and Organizational Resilience Webinar Strong performance is vital for success. But in these uncertain times, you’ll need personal and organizational resilience to reach your goals. You’ll need a strategy to achieve emotional balance. We can help you and your team achieve organizational resilience and emotional balance. This webinar helps you to understand […]

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News - 09/24/2020

EmC Research Team

Welcome to the EmC Research Advisory Board! The purpose of the team is to test the effectiveness and the validity of the online EmC courses.  Thank you Ramin Sedehi, Dr. Lene Martin, Dr. Charles Gross, Dr. Amanda S. Wickramasinghe, Dr. Kerri Cissna, Jack Gershfeld, and Dan Hyun for your dedication and commitment to this important […]

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Webinars - 09/20/2020

Effective Tools for Handling Stressful Conversations

Effective Tools for Handling Stressful Conversations Webinar Do you have a high level of connection and community in your workplace? If not, you and your team may be missing out… Workplaces with a high degree of connection and community enable team members to reach their full potential. They are safe places where enthusiasm and creativity […]

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