When To Hire Outside Counsel – A CEOs Guide

When a board faces any type of crossroads where a big decision is required—but especially in the case of a hostile takeover attempt—hiring outside counsel can assist directors in making the best decisions for the company. Outside counsel can explain fiduciary duties owed by directors to the company. Clearly identifying duties and reassuring directors that […]

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Benefit Your Board: 3 Markers of Engagement

Board engagement is one of the most important aspects of an board of directors. CEOs should have a heightened awareness of board engagement. It is easy for members to slip into disengagement but we have put together three ways to increase engagement of every board member. 1. Make your board members feel valued. The best […]

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Managing Presentations at Board Meetings: 3 Rules for CEOs

One aspect of board dynamics that often gets overlooked is the importance of successful presentations. A good presentation can breathe life into a stale board. It can motivate and inspire the decision-makers of your company. The danger in presentations is that they can get off-topic or prevent the board from making efficient decisions. As a […]

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Board/Team Dynamics - 01/20/2016

The Importance of Safe Environments in Boardrooms

We know that when people feel good about where they are, their performance increases. This is especially true of board members. Environment sets the foundation for performance. When we talk about “environment” we mean the way members are greeted, how they sit, the general feeling in the room, and anything that may affect their mood […]

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Leadership - 01/16/2016

Is Your Board Functional?

In 2015 Volkswagen shocked their shareholders when the truth came out about their emissions testing. The German car giant had been cheating emissions tests for their diesel cars. This development has destroyed the public’s trust and has spotlighted the Volkswagen board. Now the car maker is in damage control mode, suspending employees, replacing their CEO, […]

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How Emotional Connections Affect Your Board of Directors

Most CEOs get nervous when I start talking about emotions. There is a thought process out there that says “emotions don’t belong in the boardroom”. I’m here to tell you that that could not be more wrong. I’m not saying we all need to hold hands, but we do need to address the fact that […]

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