What Can the Emotional Organogram Tell You?

Sometimes, you may have a team member who is bullying or difficult to work with. What should you do in this situation, especially, when that person is your top performer? Let’s look at a case example. Names and details have been replaced to preserve confidentiality. Teresa, CEO of Beta Learning Center, has seven direct reports. […]

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How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Leader?

Who doesn’t like to be a leader at their place of work? The thought of being the ‘first in a lot’ is always amusing. But is it really easy to be one? What does it take to lead everyone from the top? There are two basic requirements for leadership – Sufficient professional knowledge and experience […]

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Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Leadership and emotional intelligence? Are you also wondering how the two are connected? A leader needs to be intelligent, yes, but why emotionally? You’d be surprised to know that emotional intelligence is one of the most desirable attributes of a leader in today’s times, whether they’re forerunners in politics, corporate, IT, or any other work […]

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Articles - 07/23/2019

Be Transparent – Share the Fruits of EmC – Emotional Connection

Help break cycles of negative team interaction expressing what is trust-making vs. what is trust-breaking.  This is #1 of 11 "ways of being"  you can consciously adopt to foster team cohesion and grow the "fruits of emotional connection." 

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News - 05/07/2019

The Zandbergen Report Podcast with Dr. Lola Gershfeld

In this podcast of the Zandbergen Report, Dr. Lola Gershfeld shares how to be more effective and influential while achieving new levels of success by mastering emotional connection.

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5 reasons to get an EmC certification

“Change occurs with a new emotional experience.” – Franz Alexander One of the things I watch happen when I work with a board or team is the change that occurs with each new emotional experience. If you are looking to create a positive change on your team or board, now is the time to make […]

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News - 02/05/2019

Dr. Lola Gershfeld to bring the EmC process to Washington, D.C.

(Irvine, CA — February 6, 2019) Today Dr. Lola Gershfeld, Board and Team Dynamics Specialist, and CEO of Level Five Executive announced she will be bringing the EmC process to Washington, D.C. in an effort to give attendees of the ATD Conference a convenient way to obtain EmC certification while in the area. Mastering Emotional […]

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EmCers - 01/25/2019

The EmC process and BeingWell.life

A Q&A session with Alicia Maciel, Leadership & Care Provider Engagement Ally, and Certified EmC Trainer to find out how the EmC process plays a role in her work.  

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Gratitude Fuels Better Board Dynamics

The holidays remind us to give thanks to our loved ones. At our Thanksgiving, my sister asked everyone what they were thankful for and when the turn came for my ten-year-old grandson, Avi, here is what he said: “I am thankful to my aunt Tonia for making a beautiful holiday Thanksgiving and for gathering the […]

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