ATD 2021 Author's Chat


Dr. Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi took the stage at the ATD21 conference to discuss their book, Emotional Connection, The EmC Strategy. A large crowd of attendees listened as the two authors explained the importance of emotional connection for trust, performance, and success.


Did you miss out? Not to worry! The entire author's chat was recorded and is now available to watch from the comfort of your desk.


In this book, Lola and Ramin provide a concise roadmap to building and nurturing emotional intelligence, addressing workplace conflicts, and creating trusting teams. We help organizations move from a fear-based mindset focused on simply beating the competition to a courage-based mindset driven to create new value, foster innovation, and thrive. They challenge conventional wisdom on three fronts:

1. Emotion-based disconnections and not the content drive conflicts, disengagement, and workplace maladies. Consequently, addressing emotions as a valid presence in the workplace allows for building robust relationships.

2. Psychological safety is fundamentally built on a solid emotional connection between team members. We show you how to do it, nurture it, and create a thriving mindset.

3. Leadership is rooted in emotional connection to a far greater degree than management science and cognitive initiatives. We separate leadership from management and help the reader build emotionally-based relationships to create stronger bonds with the people they lead and, furthermore, to help every person become the leader they are capable of becoming.