The EmC Strategy is centered around the recognition of emotions present during conflicts or disconnections in a systematic exploration of our emotions through a proven process that is at once experiential and holistic. 

The EmC process is designed to create emotional safety for each person who is engaged in the process so as to enhance the ability to fully discover and understand emotions, automatic thoughts, reactions, and emotional needs to build or restore strong connections. It works with individuals, in pairs, in teams, and even at organizational levels. 

The science of attachment theory is the underpinning of the developments that have led to a proven methodology that allows individuals to change behaviors, long-thought to be their default. We are not behavior-change agents, but rather it is the experience of emotional connection that allows people to see the changes that they wish to make in order to restore and strengthen their bonds with people they depend on. 

Team dynamics are particularly challenges as they are multiple individuals, emotions, aspirations, reactions, and outcomes in play which can lead to disconnections and disengagement. It is our goal to use the process to focus people on the core emotions that underlie their business interactions thus creating a common ground for exploration and understanding and eventual repair. 


The EmC process is developed by Dr. Lola Gershfeld after extensive research into attachment theory and the science of emotional connection. For the past decade, this process has been used in numerous corporations and non-profit organizations. It is highly effective in engaging team members and resolving conflicts, thereby improving workplace dynamics and creating positive interactions throughout these organizations.