“When we feel safe and secure, and we feel we matter to others, we work better together, our potential and our resources come out. ” — Dr. Lola Gershfeld


Haley Cooper is a host of the Lead with Heart podcast and a founder of The Savvy FundraiserShe inspires nonprofit leaders to take care of themselves FIRST (to make an even greater social impact). She offers strategic philanthropic solutions to help organizations maximize their resources and achieve their mission.


In this podcast, Haley interviews Dr. Lola about how the Emotional Connection Process or EmC can help non-profit boards to be more effective in working together.

Dr. Lola Gershfeld
is a leading expert in the fields of the board and team dynamics and thriving cultures. She is the developer of the Emotional Connection Process (EmC), which has demonstrated its effectiveness in over 800 cases.


Her book Emotional Connection, The EmC Strategy, outlines the roadmap to enhance and repair work relationships to create and nurture thriving cultures. Her upcoming book, The Connected Culture, delineates the habits that every individual can instill in their interactions to keep work relationships safe.


As the founder of EmC Leaders, Lola works with organizations, teams, and individuals to make an impact and create a shift for more positive and thriving cultures.


Please enjoy!