Leadership Skills in a Dispersed Work Environment

Leadership Skills in a Dispersed Work Environment Webinar

In today’s dispersed work environment, leadership skills are more important than ever. You want to authentically engage with your team and effectively resolve conflict. But that’s not an easy task when all the meetings are virtual and so many people are working from home.


Perhaps you’re seeing signs of stress on your team: there may be angry outbursts or withdrawal and passive-aggressive behavior. You know it’s affecting your team’s performance but you’re not sure what to do. We understand how hard it is to lead in these uncertain times.


This webinar will help you boost your leadership skills so you can handle conflict with confidence. We will show you how to improve your leadership skills through the Emotional Connection (EmC) process. You will learn how to:


  • Resolve conflict and the role a leader plays during the conflict
  • Learn skills to work more effectively with remote staff
  • Things to do to encourage trust and safety
  • Be more productive and supportive