Growing Your Coaching Practice Using the EmC Strategy

We can all do a better job of learning how to lead in a post-pandemic world where we can honor flexibility and create respectful and trusting environments through committed and holistic leadership.

In this webinar, we will share a proven and systemic approach, the Emotional Connection (EmC) strategy, that will empower you to expand your coaching practice by teaching people how to garner their empathy, vulnerability, and openness, making inclusion possible, enabling curiosity, and driving innovation.

Based on the wisdom of the last 50 years of attachment science and the megawatt power of emotions, the EmC strategy provides a clear roadmap to explore, understand, and use the critical elements necessary for building strong and holistic leadership.

Learning it will provide you with the skills you need to expand your practice and take on new projects that you may have not worked on before.

Watch this intriguing, insightful, and informative webinar.