Our EmC Book

The EmC Strategy

emotional connection

By Lola Gershfeld and Ramin Sedehi
emotional connection - the emc strategy

This book lights the way to appreciating the importance of developing the language to describe, acknowledge, and address emotions in the workplace using a proven and systemic approach absent in most other EI strategies.

The EmC strategy puts people first to enable leadership to unlock the human potential through deeper connections and nurture creativity and innovation to achieve extraordinary results.

Invigorate creativity, innovation, and collaboration
Boost engagement and wellness
Build psychological safety to enhance trust and authenticity
Nurture leadership throughout the organization
Foster strong relationships to create a thriving culture
Enduring relationships give us the strength to face volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and adversity.
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“Emotional Connection makes it possible to navigate the tricky territory of workplace emotions. It competently guides readers through the systemic application of its science-backed methodology. Anybody wanting stronger and healthier work relationships needs to simply take in the insightful lessons and follow the clear steps in Emotional Connection.”
Bea Boccalandro
Author of Do Good At Work: How Simple Acts of Social Purpose Drive Success and Wellbeing

When we are connected, we can thrive, we can achieve unimaginable success.