Creative Health Care Management Annual Gathering Webinar

Emotional Connection is a methodology that was created using a mixture of John Bowlby’s attachment theory - recognizing the need for connection with people we depend on; a Rogerian style to creating safety in the relationship and dealing with emotion, and a mixture of a systemic Salvador Minuchin's interpersonal theory where we recognize the impact we have on each other when we work together, and the way we interact with each other. It’s a mixture of having the focus on self and the system, but what we actually do, is we work with emotion.

In this presentation, Dr. Lola Gershfeld shares the science behind emotional connection and the four moves of creating a deeper bond within the team.

This webinar was presented at the Creative Health Care Management Annual Gathering with nurses, doctors, and healthcare administrators who facilitate the CHCM training program, "See Me as a Person" at hospitals, creating stronger connections with peers and patients.