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We are experts in Conflict Management.

Save significant time and money. The EmC Conflict Resolution model is scientifically proven for resolving conflicts, repairing relationships, and creating positive interactions. All stages and steps are shared in this detail. Leaders and staff will discover a repair-focused, emotion-based way of resolving conflicts and re-engaging people together.

This highly experiential model will help you integrate a dynamic resolution system that is neither cumbersome nor labor-intensive. You’ll identify the triggers, raw spots, and emotions and eliminate the spread of the hurtful interactions so that everyone can move forward.

For over 800 cases, we have helped individuals, managers, and teams to learn how to restore the connection in a holistic and authentic way. EmC Leaders has pioneered the implementation of the emotionally-focused conflict resolution model in organizations.

Our unique methodology consists of individual sessions, team meetings, and training programs to create emotional safety and a pathway to nurture positive relationships.

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Board studying Conflict Management CheatSheet

A worksheet for identifying ongoing conflict issues

This worksheet will help you improve your understanding of workplace conflicts that keep arising. More information on how to best address these issues can be found in the EmC Conflict Resolution Guide.

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Focus +

Seamlessly focus on restructuring your interactions while addressing emotional needs for each team member.

"The most exciting thing for me is as others learn the EmC process, we start to speak the same language, using the same terminology, so navigating through emotions and the reconnection becomes easier and much more enjoyable.
I would say that EmC empowers me."
Fay Christodoulou
Chief Technology Officer Miroculu

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